Finding and Supporting Local Charities
Connecting and Advising Philanthropists
Informing National Policymaking

Creating greater visibility and funding for local grassroots charities

Sitting in a unique position between frontline charities, philanthropists and policymakers, the CSJ Foundation will revolutionise the way local grassroots charities are seen and funded.

We are committed to ensuring the voices of grassroots charities are elevated to national decision makers. Our aim is to bring much-needed frontline experience into national policymaking. Utilising local networks and a philanthropic platform to guide investment, the CSJ Foundation will ensure that charities who are fighting the root causes of poverty receive the right support – both in policymaking and funding. 

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Working with game-changing organisations and philanthropists to elevate the voices of grassroots charities to national decision makers.

Alliance of Charities

The CSJ Alliance is a 500-strong network of charities, social enterprises and other organisations. This frontline army has the critical experience and expertise of addressing poverty and supporting the most vulnerable people and communities.

The CSJ Foundation connects these organisations to researchers and decision-makers to bring their expertise into UK policymaking. With offices across the UK, the CSJ Foundation works with these charities to develop an understanding from the ground up.

If you are a charity and can offer frontline insight and can benefit from capacity building training and funding, then we would like to hear from you.

Alliance of Charities
Philanthropic Community

Philanthropic Community

With a focus on social justice, the CSJ Foundation’s philanthropic community benefits from a systematic, quality-assured and efficient approach to finding and funding deserving charities that are working hard in the local community. Many of these charities are largely unknown and underfunded but have a proven track-record of tackling poverty at a grassroots level.

The CSJ Foundation offers the potential of pooling and gearing up giving, creating a community of like-minded supporters.  The philanthropic network that the CSJ Foundation has developed will distribute finance to the underserved areas and causes.

If you would like to join our philanthropic community or learn more about our work and the meaningful organisations we support, then please get in touch.

Supporting Local Charities

Advising Philanthropists

Informing National Policymaking

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