The CSJ Alliance

Alliance of Small Charities

The CSJ Alliance is a 600-strong network of charities, social enterprises, and other organisations. This frontline army has the critical experience and expertise of addressing poverty and supporting the most vulnerable people and communities.

If you are a charity and can offer frontline insight and can benefit from capacity building training and funding, then we would like to hear from you.

Leicestershire Cares – CSJ Alliance Charity

Connecting Organisations

The CSJ Foundation connects these organisations to researchers and decision-makers to bring their expertise into UK policymaking. With offices across the UK, the CSJ Foundation works with these charities to develop an understanding from the ground up. These insights often lead to national policy change helping to address the root causes poverty and social breakdown.

Over £1 million Directed to CSJ alliance charities
5 Offices accross the uk
148 Frontline charities involved in CSJ policy work
Manage and administer 2 foundations that grant a total of £3 Million Per Year
621 Members in our network of poverty-fighting grassroots charities
221 Small charities applied for CSJ awards-spanning all regions/nations of the UK

Charity Showcase

Out of over 500 CSJ Alliance charities, the map below showcases a few examples of charities that have fed into some of the Centre for Social Justice’s recommendations and reports, and how the CSJ has drawn on their insight and expertise to form nation changing ideas.

Charity Locations

The CSJ Foundation provides infrastructure and funding for small, grassroots charities and drives national policy making by providing frontline insights to the CSJ.

Our alliance of charities now has over 500 members covering all regions of the UK.


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