Jericho Foundation

Overview of work

Often the people Jericho support have lived experience of homelessness, mental ill health, addiction, disability, modern slavery or the criminal justice system. In other cases they have struggled with the education system, experienced a difficult home life, or have low confidence and self-esteem. Jericho operates a diverse network of social enterprises and social projects which give people a caring, supportive employer who will give them a chance to succeed in work and in life, and create positive change in their communities.

Work with CSJ

CSJ Award winners in 2020, the Jericho Foundation has been part of CSJ research into work as well as modern slavery, most recently with their work on victim support for the paper A Path to Freedom and Justice: a new vision for supporting victims of modern slavery. During research for this paper, Jericho provided case studies, as well as expert advice and interviews with survivors of modern slavery.

Award Date: 2020
Location: Birmingham
Website: Visit Site


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