Overview of work

My Cheshire Without Abuse (My CWA) offers targeted and specialist support to local families affected by domestic abuse, mental illness and/or substance misuse. Dedicated key workers partner with local agencies to address the often complex problems these families face. My CWA offer a range of support; crisis accommodation, advice, a 24/7 helpline, recovery and therapeutic programmes for adults and children as well as a behaviour change programme for people who are abusive in their relationships.

Work with CSJ

My CWA won a CSJ Award in 2020, and have since played a part in CSJ research into domestic abuse. Through their work, My CWA was able to provide CSJ researchers insight into the experiences of domestic abuse survivors. My CWA also provided an interview for the report No honour in abuse: harnessing the health service to end domestic abuse, and some of their programs were highlighted in the report’s recommendations.

Award Date: 2020
Location: Crewe
Website: Visit Site


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