Tempus Novo

Overview of work

Founded in 2014 by two former prison officers, Tempus Novo works in prisons to help offenders transform their lives and reduce their chance of reoffending through employment. These prisoners continue to work with Tempus Novo upon release to gain employment, receiving mentorship and support for a minimum of 12 months. Through this program of mentorship for both employee and employer, and providing connections to an array of services, Tempus Novo has been able to give hundreds of ex-offenders a second chance.

Work with CSJ

Winning a CSJ Award in 2019, Tempus Novo have gone on to become a valuable charity partner. Steve Freer has spoken alongside the CSJ at party conference and Tempus Novo have fed into much of our recent work on prisons and criminal justice, providing case studies for reports such as Control, Order, Hope: a manifesto for prison safety and reform and Sentencing in the Dock: The case for a new sentence in the criminal courts of England and Wales.

Award Date: 2019
Location: Leeds and Nationwide
Website: Visit Site


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