CSJ Foundation at the Anti-Poverty Networking Conference in Leicester

Steve Meadwell – Regional Manager for the Midlands

Whenever charities and voluntary groups come together, you can feel the buzz of excitement and passion in the room. Everyone is eager to find solutions to the challenges we face in our communities. It’s like one big, inspiring brainstorming session!

On Tuesday, October 24th, I had the privilege of representing the CSJ Foundation Midlands team at the Anti-Poverty Networking Conference organised by Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL) and Leicester City Council (LCC). During the event, I had the chance to speak to the attendees about our organisation’s work. It was a rich and engaging experience, filled with valuable information and stimulating discussions for our city’s voluntary sector.

Following the resounding success of our nationwide Big Listen events, it was truly gratifying to witness the dynamic synergy once again within the voluntary sector, as organisations came together to foster local networks and establish meaningful, collaborative relationship

This event drew participation from an impressive gathering of over 80 Voluntary, Community, or Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations, infusing the room with a palpable energy and a single-minded focus on finding solutions to pressing challenges.

Throughout the day, conversations centred on how the sector could enhance its capacity for collaboration and partnership. The prevailing sentiment was one of unwavering belief and hope in our collective ability to combat poverty and instigate real change. Every organisation in attendance acknowledged that recent developments in addressing poverty had provided a rare opportunity in our lifetime to reshape the landscape of poverty and really place social justice at the heart of its communities.

Now is the time for the VCSE sector to act collectively, demonstrating its immense collaborative potential and commitment to making a difference in the lives of those it serves.

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