Grantee Progress Report

Our mission is to support the organisations and individuals combatting the suicide epidemic. If we can help save just one family from the tragedy of suicide, this initiative will have been worth it.

Thank you for your amazing work fighting suicide.

During 2023 The Rose Paterson Trust provided a grant to your organisation. Now that an initial 6-month period has passed, we kindly ask that you complete this Progress Report.

The purpose of this document is to capture your achievements and highlight your projects. We would like to understand the work you have been completing since receiving the grant, and how funding from The Rose Paterson Trust has helped you save lives. We feel privileged to support you.

Some quick points…

  • We appreciate you are busy and this document will be a distraction from saving lives. Please do not spend too much time completing this form or overthink your answers (we’re not trying to scrutinise you!)
  • The numerical information may be difficult to calculate and record.  While we ask for the best quality data possible, we understand that there is a degree of calculation and are happy to accept best estimates (often these figures are hard to quantify!)
  • Please try to be specific about the grant where prompted. We want to record the things you’re doing, but also understand how we helped you (although this can be hard to separate!)
  • Answers are deliberately short and to the point (headlines only please!)

We have the unenviable task of trying to summarise your amazing work into a short report. Furthermore, we’re trying to be consistent among grantees, so some questions may not be a natural fit. We hope this report showcases what you are doing, how you have spent the grant, how this has helped, and what you have achieved and are achieving.

1General Details
2General Information
3Reach & Impact
4The Grant
5Case Study & Comments

Section 1: General Details

Financial Details
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