Supporting Philanthropists

Our in-depth knowledge of grassroots charities and the communities they serve allows us to provide valuable insights and assistance in this realm. In just two years, we have successfully directed over £1 million towards frontline charities, primarily through our esteemed Founders Network. As part of the CSJ Alliance, every charity undergoes a thorough review and assessment process by our team to ensure that their work is effectively addressing poverty-related issues.

This evaluation guarantees that even a modest philanthropic investment can have a transformative effect on the lives of the most vulnerable individuals within our society. If you are a donor who would like to know if we can help your philanthropic investment go further, we’d love to talk. Please use the button below to get in touch.

Jericho Foundation – CSJ Alliance Charity
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85% of all charitable income goes to just 4.4% of charities

Why invest in grassroots charities?

The vast majority of the 170,000 registered UK charities are small; approximately 70% of charities have annual income below £50,000. But charitable funding is skewed towards the very big charities at the top: more than 85% of all charitable income goes to just 4.4% of charities.

The remaining small charities are rooted in and run by local communities. They have an unrivalled understanding of poverty and provide innovative solutions that help the most disadvantaged to fulfil their potential. With increased funding, these grassroots initiatives will thrive, boosting their local community and changing lives.

The Founders Club

Our Founder’s Club is an exclusive network of philanthropists passionate about supporting grassroots charities and unleashing their potential to tackle poverty and social breakdown. Members of the Founders Club are supported to direct their own philanthropy to generate maximum impact. CSJ Alliance charities are fully due-diligenced, not simply from desk research but from in-person visits and relationships formed with charity leaders usually developed over many years.

Founders have so far been responsible for directing over £1m of philanthropy to grassroots organisations.

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Some of the small charities supported by the CSJ Foundation


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