Voices from the Frontlines: Pioneering Policy Change in the Fight Against Modern Slavery

By Rosie Brent-Turner, Donor Relations & Communications Manager at Snowdrop Project

In the landscape of combating modern slavery, the Snowdrop Project stands out for its comprehensive support to survivors in South Yorkshire, not just in providing immediate aid but also in advocating for systemic change. Integral to this mission is its collaboration with the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a partnership that amplifies its impact far beyond individual support services.

Established in 2012, Our holistic approach encompasses a wide range of services designed to empower survivors to rebuild their lives. From casework and counselling to alternative therapies and community integration activities, the multifaceted support structure addresses both the immediate and long-term needs of survivors and their families.

In 2023 alone, we achieved remarkable milestones, supporting a record number of 274 survivors and 119 children. This achievement underscores the project’s vital role in the community and its capacity to deliver meaningful change to those affected by modern slavery.

However, we recognise that the battle against modern slavery requires more than direct support—it demands systemic change. This is where its collaboration with the CSJ becomes crucial. Sharing a common vision that modern slavery is a root cause of poverty, we work together with the CSJ to drive policy changes that can eradicate the exploitation and inequality at the heart of modern slavery.

Our contributions to the CSJ’s Criminal Exploitation in the Community paper exemplify this partnership. By hosting a roundtable of local charities, we facilitated a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, which informed the CSJ’s policy recommendations. This collaborative effort not only highlights our on-the-ground expertise but also its role in influencing broader policy initiatives aimed at protecting survivors and preventing future exploitation.

The recognition of Snowdrop as one of the four winners of the 2021 CSJ Awards further validates the project’s significant contributions to social justice and the fight against modern slavery. This accolade is a testament to Snowdrop’s impactful work and its potential to inspire policy changes that ensure fair and equal support for all survivors, regardless of their circumstances.

As Snowdrop continues to work alongside the CSJ, their combined efforts signify a powerful alliance in addressing the root causes of poverty and modern slavery. Through policy influence and direct support, Snowdrop and the CSJ are forging a path towards a society where survivors are not only supported but also empowered to reach their full potential.

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Voices from the Frontlines: Pioneering Policy Change in the Fight Against Modern Slavery 3 Voices from the Frontlines: Pioneering Policy Change in the Fight Against Modern Slavery 2


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